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10-01-13, 12:40 AM
This is from the 3 Sept. post (http://blog.teamlava.com/post/60218134693/new-content-for-september-3-6-2013) of the TL Blog (http://blog.teamlava.com/):


Need a breather from all of the adventure? Take a break and hang around for a bit. The new Island is the perfect place for that--head to the Monkey Treetop in Jewel Mania (https://www.facebook.com/JewelManiaGame)!


10-05-13, 12:03 AM
Level 391: 18 fire in 55 moves (5JC.) This fire level has 2 snakes, some windows/cutouts, and 2 lock & chain areas. Each L&C has a 35-count lock, and the color varies from round to round.


Whoops, got behind again on posting. I passed this level a couple days ago. 55 moves seems like a lot of moves, but it's very difficult to get the fire out with all the little windows. Every move counts when you're trying to make big combos to (hopefully) blast all the fire out. I tried to start out with good moves that would clear a snake or make special jewels. I got lucky a couple times with the 2-red snake heads/blaster match, like in my screenshot. I almost overlooked it the 1st time. So nice to be able to make one move...that kills two snakes and creates a blaster! :D

Anyway, I finally passed this using a diamond + blaster, then a blaster + bomb. Still had one flame left at the bottom corner, but I got it with a row blaster. Yay!

10-05-13, 12:43 AM
Level 392: 18 glass in 1:05 (5JC.) This board has 2 cutouts that separate 3 columns on either side. Combined with wooden walls, they create 2 3x3 boxed-in square areas. One in the upper left, & one at the bottom right of the board. These 2 areas contain all the glass, as well as black jewels & double-glass, in a checkerboard pattern. Each square has only a one jewel-width opening. The rest of the board has ice/white blocks scattered around, and doom jewels fall in from time-to-time (I think they have 30 sec. fuses...)


Whew, this one's a doozy. Very stressful, imho. And the timer's insanely short. The black jewels will fall out of the upper square when you make moves underneath. But you have to blast/use a combo to get rid of black jewels in the lower square (which is important to make quick-enough progress on breaking the glass.) Watch out for the doom jewels. Their fuses aren't that short, but sometimes moves are scarce (especially if you get a reshuffle and the black jewels get scattered!) I had lots of diamonds in the round I passed. I used a blaster + bomb first, though...right around the "sweet spot" (upper right area--hits all the glass!) It cleared most of the black jewels, and made a diamond. I was swiping frantically, and luckily my diamond swaps kept making more diamonds. Then I was able to combine one with a blaster. The timer was counting down, and I had two red jewels on my last couple glass. Swapped my last diamond with red, and was SO relieved it was over. Crazy-fast level!

10-05-13, 03:28 AM
Level 393: Dig 12 meters in 65 moves (5JC.) This digging level has super dirt, black jewels, wooden walls, and several windows. The rows of super dirt are broken up only by windows, so you have to blast/bomb it to "break thru"...so you can get a horizontal blaster in there to blast the row, or to dig underneath, etc.


This one took me longer than I thought it would; passed around this time yesterday. Had the same problem as with many s.d. levels...trying to get my blasters, bombs, combos aimed/in right place at right time (without exploding prematurely!) During so many attempts, I used diamond + blaster several times, lots of blaster + bombs, and combos of both. Not sure which ones on winning round, but I know it was close. Def have to conserve those moves!

10-05-13, 03:50 AM
Level 394: 18 fire in 1:20 (5JC.) This board has 2 lock and chain areas. They have different "target" colors (which change each round,) and 35-count locks. There's fire inside each L&C. Also, 2 snake heads--one from each of 2 different snake bodies that are divided in half by the L&C. So you have to open both to get rid of either snake's body, although you have to unlock the L&C anyway (since the goal--fire--is inside! ;)) There are also a couple little windows to make it harder to access the bottom area.


This level is driving me crazy right now. Been working on it over 24 hours, and it's not looking any better so far. I've opened the L&C a few times, but haven't been able to put any flames out. I wish there was more time--this doesn't seem possible. The time goes by so fast!

10-07-13, 02:49 AM
I got behind on posting again...I'm actually on Raccoon Residence (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?59558-Raccoon-Residence-Levels-397-402-(Regions-67)) right now. But since I took the screenshots... ;)
Level 395: Dig 10 meters in 55 moves (5JC.) This digging level has super dirt and lots of other things to slow you down. Like quite a few snakes, black jewels, and ice/white blocks.


Pretty straightforward, though...special jewels and combos will get you through all this stuff (might take a few tries--or more--like it took me, lol.) You don't have to kill the snakes at the very bottom. The goal is achieved once the dirt/super dirt is cleared all the way to the goal line. I still had 2 "baby snakes" when I passed, though I had to leave 'em there. (Didn't have anymore special jewels to kill those babies, so I just kept digging down with my last few moves...)

10-07-13, 03:24 AM
Level 396: 44 glass in 35 moves (5JC.) This is a tricky board, with lots of windows and cutouts (which make hard-to-reach corners and a separated column at the far left.) Most of the board is double glass. There are crates that divide certain areas, but no glass is underneath. (So you don't have to clear the crates, though it certainly gives you easier access.) There are also black jewels in the left column; they have to be blasted so you can break the glass underneath.


This one took me awhile, since the moves are pretty tight. It's difficult to get a good combo, and moves that will clear the corners and that isolated on the left. If the screen reshuffles, it can be a big help! I eventually passed with a blaster + bomb and a diamond + bomb. I also had lots of blasters and an extra diamond. The screen reshuffled, which got the remaining black jewels out of the way (to clear the last "left-side" glass...) I enjoyed this one! :D

Forgot to mention on some of the other levels, but this was a fun island! Well, the timed levels were extremely short...didn't enjoy that part. But the moves levels were very fun and definitely challenging. Thanks!

01-23-14, 06:17 AM
Level 391: has been changed slightly. The cut out on the sides are only one block now, not two, which I can see as good or bad. It makes it easier to get to the fire once everything is unlocked, but the fire also has more ways to spread once the snakes are gone. Also, the moves have gone up from 55 to 70.

I'm so glad that they changed it (must have been within the last 24 hours). I've been stuck on this one forever and finally made it through.


01-24-14, 07:42 AM
Other updates to the levels:

Level 392: The time has been increased to 1:30
Level 393: Moves increased to 80
Level 394: Time is now 1:55
Level 395: Now has 55 moves
Level 396: Now 59 moves.

I haven't noticed any changes to the layout like in 391, but these time/moves increases are super helpful for anyone going through the levels now or for anyone coming back looking to increase their score.

01-24-14, 09:07 AM
Thanks for the updates! Gonna check my scores...see which ones need to be boosted! :)