View Full Version : Reached level 137 but still stuck on level 15's challenge

09-28-13, 04:37 PM
I have been stuck on level 15's challenge for a long time as I am now on level 137. Level 15's challenge has been impossible to accomplish without going over 100% each time. Apparently in Fruit Mania one challenge prevents you from moving on to the higher level challenges. This has been a challenging and fun game but it would be more entertaining, if the upper level challenges were made available as in Jewel Mania.

09-29-13, 09:19 PM
New challenges! Thank you!!

10-10-13, 01:27 PM
Did you ever get past level 15 challenge? I gave up after about 20 tries, no matter what I did you go over 100% as you said.

I agree open the new challenges too. I'm done with level 138 and wanted to do these while waiting for new levels to come on board.
Thank you!

10-11-13, 06:00 PM
No, I have never been able to get 3 stars on level 15. Can't tell you how many times I have tried over the course of this game!