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09-26-13, 07:08 AM
After the update I've noticed troops tend to walk around the base instead of through in.

In particular bears and wizards, who are supposed to go for defenses, will no longer smash through the walls where they are deployed.

For example, I attacked a base that had a cannon behind 2 lots of walls in the far top-right of the base. I deployed a lot of bears and some wizards just next to it but instead of the bears/wizards smashing the 2 lots of the walls... they instead walked all the way to the other end (to the far top-left of the base) just to smash through only one lot of walls there to destroy the watch tower behind it.

Before the update bears would go for the closest defense to where they are deployed regardless of walls. Now it seems they walk in circles around the base until they've destroyed everything and then they break into it.

09-26-13, 07:36 AM
And again now some bears/wizard broke through the outer wall and destroyed a defense.

Then instead of going inside the wall to break another inner wall to get another defense *right* next to the one they just destroyed, they instead walked all the way outside again from the far left to the far bottom of the base to kill a few more defenses outside the wall. Only then did they finally break into the walls and go inside.

09-26-13, 07:46 AM
This time I attacked a base with level 7 walls.

On the very inside there was lots of flamethrowers, lightning cannons and catapults with royal hall surrounded by one wall. Around that were resource buildings surrounded by a 2nd wall. Then the military buildings surrounded by a 3rd wall. A bunch of bears/wizards just walked around the entire map killing every single defense around the outside before they finally broke their way into the middle.

Before the update once they broke into a wall to kill a defense they would break more walls to get to the next closest one. Now they just walk around and go for a nice walk around the park instead.

09-26-13, 08:22 AM
This is exactly what I posted last night under the thread 'something changed?'. I noticed it too! And lost two battles because of it. It's the same for archers & warriors. They used to attack whatever is closest, regardless of walls, but now they attack what is of 'least resistance' first. This means they will attack whatever is closest to them that's not surrounded by walls...or in the case of your bears, less walls.

For White Mages, they used to heal troops that needed healing...now they aim for whatever is closest to them which has left my bears stranded...I keep losing because I'm not sure how to attack anymore. I used to be quite confident going into battle, now I'm not sure since I don't know if the changes are a bug, or a permanent change...in which case I'll have to change my strategy, which is fine, but I don't want to change my troop combination & attack strategy just to find out it was a bug that's been fixed & still lose...

In between this & lower level players 'winning' through bugs/hacks, I'm not even checking what rank I am anymore. My goal was to make it into the Top 10 & 24 hours ago, I was at 20 & slowly getting through...now? I think 80s somewhere.

09-26-13, 12:05 PM
Thanks for the reports! We have someone looking into this now. :)

09-26-13, 01:54 PM
We've just updated the Bears' and Ice Wizards' GPS so they won't get lost as easily. Be sure to force-close your game to receive the new update! :)

09-26-13, 01:58 PM
We've just updated the Bears' GPS so they won't get lost as easily. Be sure to force-close your game to receive the new update! :)

Cool I will test it now. Did you do the same update for ice wizards as they were doing the same thing the bears were???

09-26-13, 02:12 PM
Yep! Sorry, I've just updated my original post. :)

09-26-13, 02:24 PM
Ooh okay just do some initial testing and here's what I've noticed:

* Bear/Wiz path-finding is much improved... if you deploy in front of double walls (by double I mean 2 walls side by side not a separate room), they will break through and destroy the defense through the double wall instead of walking around the base to find a defense behind a single wall

* But once they've done the above... even tho there is another defense just there behind a 2nd set of walls they still walk outside, around the base and destroy another defense nearby.

I think the updated GPS is good but they need to keep using it... not just for the first defense but for all of them.


* If there is market walled in with a defense behind it walled separately you can no longer deploy bears to attack that if somewhere to the left/right of the market there is defenses in another room.


| | Defense1 | |
| | Market | Defense2|
[Deploy Here]

When you "deploy here" my bears are still running to defense 2 instead of blasting through the market walls and going for defense 1. Is this intentional? Because if it is you can make an army literally run around your base with certain designs and kill most of them before they even break in.

Great work so far tho!

09-26-13, 02:26 PM
Ewww just realised posting removed all my spaces so that diagram looks bad.

It should be deploy here right in front of the market but defense 2 should be about 10-15 tiles to the right of the market in the separate walled room (so it's quite a walk for the bears to get there and much quicker for bears/wizs to shoot the walls through the market to get to defense 1).