View Full Version : editing is so "clunky"!!

09-26-13, 04:01 AM
I love this game but the editing feature is really rubbish compared to other TL games. When you store something it instantly takes you out of the editing mode. Believe me, storing a whole row of paving is no fun when you have to keep clicking the edit button. Is it not possible to change this somehow?

09-30-13, 03:22 PM
I agree. I would love to be able to store the dog house I bought (I misread the corgi for 240, bought the kennel then realised it's 240 gems not coins and I don't have $60000 for the coin corgi). I tried for ages to store the kennel but I can't make it happen.

kooky panda
09-30-13, 03:46 PM
I could not get it stored either. I will check to see if there is something we are missing.

[S8] Regina
09-30-13, 04:06 PM
Buildings cannot be stored, you can only move or rotate it. This includes the new Pet habitats.

10-13-13, 09:40 AM
Something weird happens in my game during edit mode. It's like i can't move the item around, sometimes it becomes stuck.lol.