View Full Version : Cleared 1st junk pile but didn't receive items!

09-26-13, 02:39 AM
I cleared my first junk pile and saw items loaded to my inventory - shovels, axes, paint etc.

But when I tried to use them to clear a rock, or cut down a tree they were GONE!

How do I get those items back!?!?

kooky panda
09-26-13, 06:33 AM
You may see them pop up but they will not be added to your inventory if the barn was full at the time.

Try restarting your device or closing out your game to see if they show up.

09-26-13, 11:10 AM
Sigh - ok that's sucks

kooky panda
09-26-13, 11:18 AM
It happened to me too when collecting orders. I saw the shovel pop up but I did not get it, but then I noticed by barn was full :(

Now I always tap on my barn to check my storage level before doing anything!!

Of all things a rare and sought after SHOVEL!!!

09-26-13, 11:14 PM
I'm sooooo glad I read this before clearing the first junk pile.