View Full Version : Random Suggestions

09-22-13, 11:32 AM
1. Visiting players bases outside of attacks... please show us how much coins & spellstone they have. This would help us decide whether or not a revenge attack is worth it.

2. Stop shaking the screen during battles especially when bombs and similar go off (or at least give us an option to disable the screen shaking).

3. Please please please give us a setting to turn spell check on or off. Most of us can spell okay without it and the automatic spell check makes it extremely difficult (and very frustrating) to try and write abbreviations. Tomoz gets turned into to oz, lvl gets turned into lol and so on.

4. More walls... 250 at max level isn't enough.

5. Alliance battles... it would be cool if alliances could somehow fight each other. Not sure exactly how it would work but it would make team play a lot more fun.

6. Private Message system so we can pm other players from chat/rankings/their base/etc.

7. Reset revenge attacks counter weekly so we can start wars and have alliances can have rivalry's and revenge attack each others members regularly.

That's all I can think of for now :D