View Full Version : Thieves Path Finding

09-22-13, 10:45 AM
This might happen with other units but I've mainly been using bears & thieves so I can only comment on these.

But for some reason thieves tend to ignore holes in the enemies wall and start bashing a wall of their own instead of just running through the open wall to get to the resources.

There have been many battles where I will send bears first to break through the walls to take out defensives and then I send thieves to get the resources. Even tho I deploy the thieves right where the first hole in the wall is they will instead run a few tiles to either side of the open wall and start bashing their own wall. This doesn't happen all the time but it does happen a lot to make it very annoying.

After they successfully break one wall they seem to get smarter and will stop bashing walls and run through the open walls if it leads them to resources.

Can you please look into it and fix this so thieves that are near a hole in the wall will run through that all the time (instead of sometimes) rather than bashing their own wall (which leads to the exact same place that the open wall already does).