View Full Version : Social Rating

09-20-13, 06:25 AM
Everytime in my social rating I get to four hearts, it resets to 3 1/2. Everyday I tip all of my friends and messages and yet when I get to four, it is back to 3 1/2.

[S8] Regina
09-20-13, 09:19 AM
The Social Rating is how active you are in the game, it will decrease gradually, therefore you will have to tip everyday to keep up your Social Rating. :)

09-20-13, 02:53 PM
I understand that. I play all of the Team Lava games and am very aware. I was on ground floor when Restuarant and Bakery first came out. I have 95 friends. Everyday I tip all 95 of my friends. Therefore why does this keep happening. About half way through tipping everyday, I manage to get to four hearts and then suddenly it drops back down to 3 1/2 before I have finished tipping all 95 friends. Then I have to start all over trying to get to four hearts and then again it will drop back down to 3 1/2 when I reach four hearts. This goes on everyday.