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09-19-13, 04:49 AM
i thought its a good idea (if its not againest the rules) to open a bargin thread which means u get to post whatever u need for ur farm (expantions matrials crops etc) after that u post ur nickname and then other people can contact with u and make a bargin ill write below an example:(its not what i really need)

i would like to have some wheat and corn

besides that people can sell here what they want to get rid off example:

i have a lot of cheese and flax

i hope u understood me

after the explaining part is over ill get to what i really need

i need to have some land deed's

kooky panda
09-19-13, 05:24 AM
You cannot sell directly to other players so this thread would not be beneficial. You can add your ID to a current Add me Thread looking for neighbors
Farm Story 2 Add Me (http://forum.storm8.com/forumdisplay.php?253-Farm-Story-2-Add-Me)