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09-18-13, 03:54 AM
This is from the 20 August post (http://blog.teamlava.com/post/58817673205/new-content-for-august-19-22-2013) of the TL Blog (http://blog.teamlava.com/):


Bean Dog is still craving adventure! Don?t go too far out to the edge on this Island though, it may get dangerous! Venture to the new Island of Cliff Cabin in Jewel Mania (https://www.facebook.com/JewelManiaGame)!


So excited...it's all moves levels here! Can't wait to play. If you've got some tips, or just want to discuss...please share! :)

09-19-13, 12:37 AM
Level 367: 16 glass in 55 moves (5JC.) This level's harder than it looks. Starts with 4 doom jewels...2 in the bottom corners with 30-move timers, & 2 in the middle, with 15-move timers. The layout of the board is tricky, due to windows & cutouts that make it difficult to access certain areas. There are 2 lock & chain areas, each with a 35-count lock, and crates chained inside. The lock colors are different, and change from round to round. At least 2 of the crates must be cleared (after L&C opened)--there's glass underneath that needs to be broken (see the green circled areas in the 2nd photo below...)

http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag81/Beadsbykat/355%20up%20-%20JMD/4c0154a0-59f7-40da-a1de-11b2e1cd2793_zpsa44fe7a0.jpg http://i1300.photobucket.com/albums/ag81/Beadsbykat/355%20up%20-%20JMD/3ff03a32-4526-4b07-9fff-3117c17e96c9_zps009a4e8b.jpg

Those last 2 glass (under the crates) are really difficult to break. There's no way to make a regular 3-match there, so you have to use row (horizontal) blasters or other special jewels/combos. And it's double glass, so you have to hit it 2 times (and that's after you break the crate to expose the glass!) So this one took me quite a few attempts. I eventually had several big combos in the same round, including a blaster + bomb on the bottom row that took out the last layer of glass in those 2 "difficult spots"!
Fun and challenging round! :D

09-19-13, 01:29 AM
Level 368: 10 fire in 30 moves (5JC.) This level begins with 2 doom jewels (with 15-move timers) and ice/white blocks in 2 L-shaped patterns. There are 2 L-shaped windows opposite the ice shapes; they form a sort of frame around the center of the board. All of the fire is contained in two L&C areas just outside the "frame." The locks are different colors, with a 35-count to start...the colors change each round, as well.


The moves seem really tight on this one. Still working on it; I've been trying to color-change the ice to one of the target L&C colors, in order to unlock them faster. Special jewels/combos are required; simple matching will not get the L&C open in time, much less extinguish the fire. I got down to 1 flame once, after I got a blaster + bomb right at the bottom. But I couldn't reach one flame behind the window, so it started spreading. The board layout makes the fire tough to control--best to not let it get too big at all (if you can help it, lol.) Good luck! ;)

09-20-13, 04:54 PM
Darn it, I'm getting behind on posting again... :o
But uh, level 368 was pretty difficult! I kept coming up short, one way or another...not opening L&C on time, fire getting out of control, or a couple times having a doom jewel explode. Finally got some luck, though (night before last, I think?) First, I was able to color-change the ice into green & yellow (the L&C lock colors.) Then I used a blaster + bomb to take out lots of jewels (plenty of yellow & green in the blast range.) When the L&C opened, I used another blaster + bomb, wiping out lots of fire. Then I made some regular matches to reduce the flames further. Created a diamond, too. I was wondering how to extinguish the last 2 flames (behind the window,) thinking I needed to get a blaster or bomb next to the diamond. Suddenly I realized there were red jewels on either side of the last 2 flames. Had a red jewel right next to the diamond--perfect! Swapped the diamond w/the red jewel, and got all the fire out...yay! Only got one star, so I'll have to revisit this sometime. With pleasure, though--I def. enjoyed this level! It was challenging & kinda tough, but that's awesome when there's no timer involved. This level's perfect when I need a reprieve/break from a timed level that's driving me bonkers! ;)

09-20-13, 05:00 PM
Level 369: Dig 10 meters in 55 moves (5JC.) Super dirt digging level with 3 lock and chain areas, and the L&C have additional super dirt inside. The top L&C's have 30-count locks; there's a 40-count lock on the one at the 4-meter mark. All 3 locks have different target colors (that vary each round.)


Got lucky and passed this on my 1st try. It's pretty straightforward. Gotta get the L&C's open so you can clear the s.d. inside. Used several blaster + bombs, 2 diamond + blasters, & other special jewels. Lots of fun! :D

09-20-13, 09:31 PM
I had started to catch up on my posts, and then Photobucket went out. Couldn't use it on my PC or my iPhone, so I'm wondering if previous photos were visible here at the forum (they showed on my devices, but they might've just been from my cache.) Anyway, I'm getting these posts all ready so as soon as PB comes up I can submit. (~...a long time later...~) ...and it's back! ;)

Level 370: 16 glass in 60 moves (5JC.) This is a really fun glass/lock and chain level. There are doom jewels with counts of 12 inside the irregular-shaped L&C areas; however, they don't start counting down until the chain they're in gets unlocked. Each L&C has a different "target" color, as well as different counts on the locks: 35, 45, 55, and 65. Windows & cutouts give the lower part of the board lots of hard-to-reach areas & corners.


Special jewels & combos are required here...it's important to get the L&C's opened early enough so you can break all the double glass. For some reason, I thought this was extra fun! You have to be careful & strategize (and get lucky, too...) Hope you have fun, and enjoy! :D

09-20-13, 10:18 PM
Level 371: 14 fire in 50 moves (5JC.) Has 4 doom jewels at the top with varying counts (2 15-counts & 2 20-'s.) The board has windows & cutouts, making it difficult to access the fire directly. There are 3 L&C at the bottom, each has a different colored lock and fire inside. The middle L&C lock starts at 45; the 2 on either side have 30-count locks.


There's no fire until you open the L&C, so the first priority is to get those chains unlocked. But watch for the doom jewels. If they're one of your target colors, you might want to clear it right away. If not, you might want to wait to see if they "self-clear" (in order to save moves.) Of course, don't wait too long, though--don't want 'em detonating on you, lol! Try to make lots of special jewels and have some ready for when an L&C opens. The windows/cutouts make it hard to make matches against the fire. I tried many things, but I never could get the perfect combo lined-up. I was still trying to come up with a good strategy, and it looked like I was going to lose another round. But I passed! I had one move left, and a bunch of fire in the center "pit." I set off a blaster at the bottom (from the side corner,) and somehow all the fire got extinguished! I was so surprised (and happy, of course, lol!) I got so lucky on that one... :D

09-20-13, 10:30 PM
I had a problem at the end of one of my rounds on level 371. It froze at zero, moves, and I ended up having to force close it. It wouldn't let me make a move, pause it--do anything. I didn't get the pop-up menu asking if I wanted more moves or anything, either. But the flames kept flickering, so I gave it quite a long time to just wait it out, but it was locked up that way. I closed the game and reopened it, and it was the same thing. So I had to force-close it. (No more problems after that.) Just thought you might want to know! Here's a screenshot of how it looked.


09-20-13, 10:45 PM
Level 372: 16 fire in 45 moves (5JC.) 3 lock and chain areas, and a couple windows that separate & add difficulty. The 2 lower L&C areas have fire inside, and 25-count locks (each a different color.) The upper L&C area sits above a window, and has 2 doom jewels inside. The doomies have 15 on their timer, which starts counting down once the L&C is opened. The lock has a 35-count, and the target color is different from the other locks.


This one's tough, still working on a good strategy (no luck yet, just trying to get the L&C open and make sure the doom jewels don't go off, although sometimes by the time I get the L&C open, I have less moves left than the count on the doom jewel... :(
Whew, just got lucky on this one, too! Was able to do 3 blaster + bomb combos--2 after the fire was exposed. Had most of the fire out, except for a few flames on the bottom right side & spreading into the 2nd row from the bottom. I used a row blaster to get the flames in that row, but I didn't think I'd be able to get the flames at the very bottom right (under that row.) But once again, a bunch of self-matching happened. Lucky again! I'm so happy, but I don't want to say anything else (and tempt the Fates...) ;)

Now I'm off to Mystic Grotto (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?58814-Mystic-Grotto-Levels-373-378-(Region-63)). Although it's always fun to move ahead, I'm going to miss this awesome island with all moves levels! Plus, the next level is timed, with only 50 seconds on the clock. It's a rather rude awakening, after such a wonderful, stress-free island! :eek: