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09-17-13, 06:03 AM
What is the purpose of the cellar?

09-17-13, 06:14 AM
The cellar is a storage room. When you run out of land you put decor and stuff in there

09-17-13, 11:10 AM
Can only store decoration. You can't store your machine or plot inside.

09-17-13, 12:26 PM
Or food which is where it should be stored. Who ever heard of storing bread, pies, fried egg on toast, cornbread or chocolate in a barn? They need to be in the cellar TL. The barn is for tools, building parts and grain. The place is crawling with rats from all the food in there. ;)

09-27-13, 12:41 PM
Can someone please explain to me the purpose of the cellar....thanks much!!

09-27-13, 01:19 PM
the cellar provides storage for your decorations and empty plots :)

09-29-13, 06:27 PM
That's goofy! It's obvious that the programmers/designers/decision makers don't know much about real farming!!