View Full Version : Suggestion: clicks to get to the wall

09-14-13, 02:41 PM
Hi TeamLava.

I find that I have an extra 'click' to get to my Wall to return tips; because the default from the Wagon Wheel leads to the Profile Page, not, the Wall Page.
So it takes three clicks to get to the Wall, in Castle and Restaurant it takes only two clicks. Can you change the default from the Wagon Wheel to the Wall Page? Less clicks is better.:o

If I am doing something incorrectly, please let me know.

Love Farm Story 2:cool:

10-18-13, 11:29 AM
The location of a player's Comment Wall is not very easy to access. It's an annoying process having to go through the Settings Menu in order to get to my Wall. Is there any way TL designers could add a button in the top right hand corner of the screen next to the other social tabs?

10-18-13, 11:39 AM
I totally agree I actually had trouble finding it the other day because I expected to find it the same way that I do in my other games. Glad I'm not the only one to notice.

10-21-13, 01:59 PM
Please take care of this, us lazy people wanna go to our walls more often. :)

10-21-13, 02:22 PM
Yeah,the visiting process from our walls in much easier in castle,bakery,fashion,etc

10-26-13, 03:05 AM
We've made this request from the very beginning and nothing has been done about wall access or presentation.

10-26-13, 06:59 AM
Ditto, navigation in that game is highly irritating, and not very intuitive for people used to their other games. They're from the same company, you'd think they'd care... oh wait. >.<

10-29-13, 11:34 PM
Not only the wall, there seem to be no way to access your News Feed from other players' farm. ( If there is, plssss tell me how) I usually return tips from my News Feed, but I need to "return home" before I can get to my News Feed for the next visit.... quite irritating.....

11-13-13, 06:02 AM
From the first day of play I have been annoyed with the inconvenient layout of the wall and newsfeed. Good suggestions above! It would also be nice if something alerted us to a wall post while playing, like the news feed does for visitors popping hearts. Please consider this change, easy user friendly is always better than "cute".