View Full Version : kingdom clash...no gems

09-13-13, 12:05 PM
Just installed and played...got the gems in other games
but not in farm story 2...should i suppose to get 5 or 30 gems?

09-13-13, 01:08 PM
Same thing here... And I did get an advertisiment of the game in farm story 2

09-13-13, 01:46 PM
I think mine showed up. Maybe... Not much of a game so I'm probably not gonna go much past the 2nd level. :)

kooky panda
09-13-13, 02:06 PM
I am pretty sure that in the farm Story 2 game this was just an advertisement for the new game, no goals were offered in Farm Story 2 for downloading Kingdom Clash.

Also please note that IOS players do not receive gems for downloading and playing other games.
There are other goals that offer this, but the ones that are mention here.

09-13-13, 02:59 PM
There were no Goals recently added which reward Gems in Farm Story 2. Sorry for any confusion!