View Full Version : PLEASE HELP cannot open game at all, this is the 7th Storm8/TL game I can't play!

09-13-13, 08:50 AM

I play on the latest iOS and the only game I can open is BS and sometimes RS (but it will then make my BS go nuts).

I cannot open: Farm Story 2, Kingdoms Clash, Dragon Story, Home Design Story, Castle Story, BS: Halloween, BS: World Games (these last 2 BS games only failed at the beginning of Sept, my neighbors can still access theirs.)

I am missing out on SO MANY games. I have posted on the forums. Moderator asks me to PM them then doesn't reply. Another moderator tells me to e-mail TL. THEY don't reply.

I spend real money on the games. Do you want to let me play or not? Can a moderator please tell me what I can do to get to access these games? They all crash at the intro banner because they don't "connect" to the system.

09-13-13, 08:52 AM
Don't even ask me to uninstall/reinstall/restart, clear cookies, reset as new phone etccccc. I've done them all.

09-13-13, 11:48 AM
I'm not sure what really went wrong here. But have you try checking to see if your network connection is stable? Did you update to ios7? What about other game(s) that you're playing? Are they working fine too?

Sorry, couldn't help much. Hopefully a staff can assist you.