View Full Version : Suggestion: Add an X button to get out of Sell Items window

09-12-13, 10:46 AM
When you click upon your shop then the adverts + and arrive at the sell items screen, sometimes you realise you don't have 10 of the item you intended to sell. But on that screen there is only a blue < button on the top left. It would be nice if there were a red X button on the top right also, so you don't have to go back through the shop to return to the farm.

09-12-13, 11:06 AM
You can adjust the item number and the selling price by tapping the minus or plus signs below each. The item has a minus/plus sign and you can set the price as you wish up to a point. I usually sell my items over market price all the time and never have a problem selling them.

09-12-13, 11:07 AM
And most of the time I only sell 1 or 2 of a specific item.

09-12-13, 02:08 PM
And most of the time I only sell 1 or 2 of a specific item.

I wasn't referring to the + or - of the price of the item.

On that window to the top left is a blue circular button with a white < on it that takes you back to your shop.
However if you don't want to go back to the shop, for whatever reason you just want to return straight to your farm, it would be useful to also have a red circular button with a white X (in the top right as per other windows) to get out of there entirely.

09-12-13, 03:43 PM
Ah yes...that would be great. Would save a tap.
I don't like the fact that I'm visiting a nbr and have to go back home to access my newsfeed. Would be nice for the newsfeed option to follow me when I visit a nbr so I don't have to go back home to visit the next person who came by listed in my newsfeed.

09-12-13, 11:52 PM
That's a good idea too.

09-13-13, 02:41 AM
I've passed the suggestion on