View Full Version : Interest of the shop??

09-11-13, 04:29 AM

I sell a lot of stuff from my shop, which is good, but I'm wondering what is the interest of buying stuff from others? Most articles are sold over the price of the market, so what's the point? And the thing I sell the most is the biscuit, which is so easy to get, so I don't know, maybe I've missed something....


09-11-13, 05:21 PM
I find that as I have reached higher levels, I soon fill my spots in the machines and can't make everything. I might be doing 4 of something. Then an order appears, that will bring good money and perhaps a permit, but I might be short of one item, so I'll get it from the newspaper rather than discard that good order.
Also, higher players are seeking supplies for their train deliveries and need multiple items, that maybe they haven't got time to wait for.
Lemons, wool and bacon are hard to come by, so as much as we'd like to make certain things, we can't because we haven't got those items, so we buy from the newspaper.

09-11-13, 06:37 PM
I'm always checking shops and the papers for sales,and have found a lot of hard to find items.i personally want to move stock,so I price below market value,the exception would be for tools,permits and such.i expanded to the pond early,so I have no use for a few more levels for the fish I've caught,so I've been making some much needed cash that way.:)