View Full Version : Sending gifts

09-11-13, 03:02 AM
I started playing today, and during the day some of my new neighbours had a gift symbol at the bottom right so I could send them gifts.
After the reset, I received gifts, and was able to gift back ( there were four gifts) but How do I gift other neighbours? Is the max amount of gifts I can send a day 20?
I searched and couldn't find any other threads on this topic.

09-11-13, 03:07 AM
Oh! I just found out you can only receive 3 gifts per day. How many can we send? Hardly worth it really.

09-11-13, 03:31 AM
You can send 3 gifts a day and receive 20. It's a pain because you end up getting far more than you can send and a long list of people to gift back to, that you can't get rid of.

09-11-13, 03:36 AM
Thanx for your answer. Yep. This game is just a bad rip off of Hay Day. I have no idea why any one would play this instead of Hay Day, it is a cheap copy, and is nothing compared to the original.