View Full Version : How do you recognise neighbours?

09-09-13, 07:04 PM
In other TL games, there is a gift button when visiting a neighbour. It may be active or inactive depending on whether you've already sent them a present or not. This way it's easy to recognise when visiting a player who's already in your neighbour's list.

With the (unfortunate) limitation of 3 gifts per day and the disappearance of the button, it's become impossible to track who is a neighbour and who isn't.

It is also impossible to track who has sent you a gift unless you use a pen and paper.

Come on guys, all TL games I've played before were brilliant because they were REALLY social. People could send 1 gift per day per neighbour, you could send gems, even though they were limited and you could also choose what you sent, meaning that players could collaborate.

This is all sorely lacking in Farm Story 2 and needs to be changed!