View Full Version : New Mythic Dragons!

09-07-13, 02:18 AM
Dear TeamLava,

I really like the mythic element you released a while ago. But sadly there are only 4 of them (Mythic, Atlas, Medusa and Helios) available right now. There are soooo many other epic dragons you could release, like:

+Hades Dragon (Mythic + Night)
+Aphrodite Dragon (Mythic + Virtue)
+Poseidon Dragon (Mythic + Water)
+Zeus Dragon (Mythic + Air)
+Hephaestus Dragon (Mythic + Fire)
+Artemis Dragon (Mythic + Forest)
+Apollo Dragon (Mythic + Light)

You can have all my suggestions and make them into epic dragons - I don't mind! :) I would just really like to see some new mythic dragons.