View Full Version : Attack mode glitched

09-02-13, 11:56 PM
For the past two days I have only been able to attack one base, when i press next it is the same base. I attacked the base getting 98% hoping this would activate their shield but when I went to attack 2 mins later it was the same base! Help!!

09-03-13, 12:51 AM
Can you please send me a PM (to preserve privacy) of the player that keeps coming up for your attacks? We'd like to investigate what's going on here. Thanks!

09-03-13, 10:28 AM
I responded to your PM with more info. We're aware of an issue with this and we're currently investigating a resolution. Thanks for your patience!

09-04-13, 03:23 AM
Thanks frozen turtle! Problem solved back to raiding for me!

Kwah the hun :cool: