View Full Version : What one thing do you REALLY want to see with the big anniversary update?

09-01-13, 06:38 AM
It's coming soon, I hope! Someone had alluded to it before... In the fortune teller thread maybe? I can't wait to see what they've been working on. For me, I hope to see some new decorations. I think I exhausted the supply we have already.

Is there one thing that you really, really want to see?
Anyone have some information on what to expect?
Will it be Halloween themed?

Oo the anticipation!

For our coin only users, do not worry - we're working on some great content that you should see in a few weeks. Did you know Castle Story is almost a year old? We've got some neat stuff planned for our anniversary!

09-01-13, 08:58 AM
Is there one thing that you really, really want to see?
something to keep people busy and stop asking for updates from there to FOREVER.
Anyone have some information on what to expect?
Will it be Halloween themed?
doubt it

09-01-13, 10:12 AM
What I REALLY REALLY want is more expansions! And not just one or two. Not sure what their thoughts are about limiting expansions! Wish they'd just let us expand as we go along...like Dragon Story!
My kingdom is crammed together like sardines! Would like to see about TEN more expansions open up!
Other than that I can't wait for anniversary update!

09-01-13, 10:17 AM
It's definitely the gem confirmation.

09-01-13, 02:40 PM
It's definitely the gem confirmation.

This! Please.

09-01-13, 02:45 PM
something to keep people busy and stop asking for updates from there to FOREVER.

Alas, fair mikado86, do not let thine jimmies be rustled by the banter of common folk... For it would surely cause thee more harm than those who vex thee.

But I do agree that the whine levels have been reaching critical capacity lately.

09-01-13, 02:45 PM
Oh, god, yes. Please. My left pinkie toe for a gem confirmation button!

09-01-13, 04:15 PM
I really really want the flying gate to be open! I've been waiting for it since i installed the game, cos it's in the teaser... So not any expansion please, the gate expansion!

09-01-13, 05:59 PM
TL have never implemented a gem confirmation in any of their games over the years that i have played, despite this being surely the number one requested feature in every game. I would think giving everyone 1000 gems would be more likely than gem confirmation. So there is little point in continuing to ask.

I'm hoping for multiple expansions too, either along the waters edge or through the gate. Maybe even adding features to the water itself. A port, fishing, pirates... Or something.

09-01-13, 07:20 PM
Where can I find the original info about the anniversary update?

09-01-13, 07:23 PM
Where can I find the original info about the anniversary update?

This is all I've seen so far:

For our coin only users, do not worry - we're working on some great content that you should see in a few weeks. Did you know Castle Story is almost a year old? We've got some neat stuff planned for our anniversary!

You can find that quote posted on the first page of the fortune teller thread within the updated edits on the first post.

09-01-13, 07:29 PM
Thanks, ray! That was quick. :D

09-03-13, 12:23 AM
About gem confirmation, i think everyone should forget about that.
All touch-playing games have this, and that's how a half free games keep living.
So you only need to be careful.

About myself, what i truly want is Changes Announcement.
I've paid attention to every little changes while playing.
When someone post on forum about something good,
Those thing went bad shortly after that.
Examples are Dairy Exchange and Sir Piggy.
I hope it's just concidence.

09-03-13, 12:41 AM
That isn't true. I've played games- many- where the usage of in-game currency (especially the stuff that's hard to come by) was triggered only after confirmation. It's not an impossibility nor is it an unreasonable request.

09-03-13, 09:33 AM
I'd like to be able to zoom out further and be able to view my whole kingdom and not have to move the screen around to see everything. Other TL games make this possible so why not CS?

09-04-13, 07:25 AM
Where can I find the original info about the anniversary update?

I did a search of the forums and found a post that stated it as Sept. 21st.

I would really like two things:
1. Expansion slots including the gate.
2. An equal building to the deep mine for the sawmill.


09-04-13, 11:23 AM
My list, some of which I've elaborated on in the past:

1. Gem confirmation - I'd be more inclined to spend money knowing my investment in the game was safe.
2. More expansions - They don't have to lead anywhere, just give the kingdom some room to have nicer organization.
3. Larger overall map to allow more expansions (see above)
4. Increased output of hatcheries and Stables, maybe another higher level that allows this (requires 3 chickens/2 cows, etc)
5. NPCs that actually do some work, Thurston kills beasts and trolls, Ivy tends some crops, Thomas trains knights to be better at questing for rare items.
6. A Players Marketplace, buy/sell individual items for coins, separate from the Royal Exchange. Rates for buy/sell fluctuate based on total player demand within the game.
7. Upgraded Keep to shorten adventure times
8. Overall, less reliance on random drops, more reliance on skill/strategy.
9. Heart Meter - More hearts = more gift giving, 0 hearts, 3 gifts, 1 heart, 4 gifts, 2 hearts, 5 gifts, 4 hearts, 10 gifts. (Giving more gifts means you're more likely to get more back!)
10. Heavy Duty Fishing Hook should have increased fish/mermaid scale collection from wells/ponds.

Stealing from another of my posts: http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?56966-What-cow-gives-two-milk&p=725786&viewfull=1#post725786

Frosty Cow: Gives 2 milks, frequently drops ice cream and double hides for warmth
Golden Apple Tree: Drops golden apples!
Maple Tree: Gives 2 Saps, frequently drops syrup and simple glue
Questing Scroll: Frequent drop from library, guarantees your knights find a rare item on their next quest
Love Shack: Now available for all players! (Not just for valentine's anymore, winter can be cold and lonely...)

General thoughts: Some items get used up way too easily, a silver platter for the sweet feast can only be used once, knights need new light armor every time they roam the desert? Seriously, what happens to all this armor that it can't be reused a few times? That's a whole lotta silver being used up, and not enough dropping.

We've sent lots of caravans to other realms, trading with Belladonna, Thomas' lost love (when do we see her back?), where are all the roads out of the kingdom on the map? Draw these in on the next version (see items 2/3 above).

Regarding item 5 above, I'm under the assumption that the various buildings in the kingdom have workers in them, even though we never see them (we don't see the knights that go on adventures either, so its reasonable), they milk the cows in the stable, collect from the chickens in the hatchery, slave over the stoves in the kitchen, work the mines, etc. I'd love to see the concept of a work queue for these, rather than just 'Do this ONE thing and don't do anything else until I get back!'. Simple buildings like the stables/hatchery/saw mill/etc just keep producing, and using up 1 energy each time they cycle, others like the forge would have a queue (make 2 light armors, then do iron to silver 4 times), or the kitchen could make 2 flours, then 2 sugars, or even make a dessert feast, and start crafting anything you need to make that. Have a pop-up when you log back in that we need more cane/wheat/iron/etc when raw goods are getting low. Or create a farm 'building' that automates some of the crop production, and doesn't require all the individual plots.

I know that last one will get some people going, but I think the game could really move beyond the mindless chores phase and into some real kingdom building with this.

09-06-13, 05:04 PM
Pleeeeeease bring back the valentine edition decorations!!!! I usually don't buy gems but I would definitely gem out all that stuff! I loooove all the pink stuff. I'm not even buying any walls because Im hoping the pink ones will come back.

09-08-13, 07:24 PM
More gifting options...better be soon, my neighbors are bored and leaving in droves 😟

09-13-13, 04:45 PM
I feel bad when I get more gifts then I can return. If your're going allow us to receive more gifts then we can give , that is in poor taste. I've been playing a long time I have long standing friends we gift regularly , what about the new players we gain as friends? If I play regularly I want to return the favor to all. When we stiff friends they could stop. I would gladly send one, and new players we want to keep, Right?!I. And by Not ignoring them, may keep them. It's just the dumb limits you set. It's not like we are sending gems..... Just let active players gift all players that gift us... Please.....