View Full Version : Level 35+

08-26-13, 03:45 AM
Just wondering when the levels will be extended. Like many others, i am sitting on 300 000 XP and have a mountain of money with nothing to spend it on.
Would love something new to buy and more expansions.
I really like the game, but with no goals, no expansions, no levelling up and nothing to buy - there isn't much to strive for.
Would love to know if there is anything new on the horizon for those of us on level 35.


[S8] Regina
08-26-13, 10:58 AM
We are currently working on getting more levels into the game! The game is not available everywhere yet, so we don't want players to get too much of a lead. Stay tuned for more awesome Farming experiences :)

08-30-13, 06:12 PM
There is a new expansion area to a bee hive! But it is only available to players at level 30. Could anyone please share what expansion papers are needed for this and how much does the new candle maker cost? Thanks!

08-30-13, 07:23 PM
You need $40,000 coins and 8 each of the expansion documents. The beehive thingy can be collected from every three hours. I guess Thats how we will the candles. Boo! When we get there the candle maker is unlocked. For that $55000 is needed. And Thats where I'm frozen. It'll take me a couple weeks to make that amount. I....don't.....like.....waiting....!