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08-22-13, 09:20 PM
My Aunt plays this game on an iPad, I play it on my iPod5thGen, my aunt has today a new "Mystery Box" on the right side of the screen and when she opens it, there is a Value Pack that you can purchase. The items you receive are coins, shovels and diamonds for a introductory price of .99cents (real money). Why have I not received this offer on my device? Is this only offered to iPad users only? Or is it just delayed in being shown on my iPod device? Anyone else have this new feature sowing up yet on your farms?

08-22-13, 09:42 PM
Apparently I didn't read the main thread before I made this post. My apologies, however it may still be useful for those that also missed that thread. Question answered....sorry and thanks.

READ FIRST before posting about UPDATES

Many users have inquired recently regarding new updates. Some users have them, some users are still waiting for them, and some users have some in one game, but none in another.

Please note that updates roll out slowly; while many users get them right away on Thursday, it may take others several days to get the new content. This is not dependent on your device, OS, geographic location or frequency in which your purchase Gems/CC.

Please also note that the schedule in which users receive the new updates is completely independent for each game. For example, you may get the updates right away in Farm Story, but you don't get the updates in Restaurant Story until next Tuesday.

In short, if you did not receive the updates, you will within a few days.

There are a couple exceptions to this rule.

1) Quests: The Quest feature is not available for all users at this time, though it will eventually be available for all users.

2) Old versions of the app: Users may not receive the updates if they are using an old version of the application, such as the Valentine's Day editions. If the main version received an update after a holiday edition, updating to the most recent version of the main version of the app should correct this issue.

If you have any other questions, please let me know in another thread, or by PM. Thanks!

08-23-13, 12:47 PM
This is a message for dragon. But the idealogy is the same. Some people may get the values one week while others will not and vice versa. I have them on my iPod but not my ipad where I play my main game. I'd love to get a bunch of them! 99 cent is dirt cheap for five shovels and gems.

But I don't play in Canada or Australia so I doubt I can get an iTunes card in the states and use it on another country's iTunes Store. Boo!