View Full Version : Bakery Story Billboards

08-22-13, 12:38 PM
I think it would be more feasible to have a billboard above your bakery for quick notes. If you want ppl to send you certain gifts or just want to leave a message for all your neighbors, it would be easier then having to let them all know individually or having to sift thru tons of messages on each others wall to find a posted request. It could only be used by the bakery owner for quick notes and then the neighbors could respond, if need be, on the wall. It would really be awesome if it looked like a chalkboard or a neon menu board like the ones they use at some restaurants. This would simplify things a little more when it comes to neighbor communications. You could also leave cute little messages on it as we'll. Also, it would be nice to have a "last visited" page maybe nestled beside the news, message, and social blocks. It would certainly help when it comes to figuring out which players are inactive. And the billboard would go hand in hand with that because you could leave an "On Vacation" sign up or a "Going out of business" sign so that ppl don't send invites to ppl who no longer play. And lastly, the above being said, it would really be nice to be able to delete your bakery for good if you don't intend to play anymore or a "Store your Bakery" option if you think you might come back at a later date. This way, it would take inactive bakeries out of circulation and keep things clean and simple. These are just a few thoughts. Is real fun playing the game...now it needs to be less cluttered. 😄

08-24-13, 11:29 AM
I agree, this would be an awesome feature.

08-25-13, 07:30 AM
I like it. :D