View Full Version : Level 58: Jewels won't stop exploding

08-13-13, 04:17 PM
What a terrible glitch, right? LOL Well I finally beat the level however I encountered a weird glitch that continued to change the yellow jewels into exploding jewels and so the level was practically never ending. Thankfully my screen is set to lock after 1 minute of inactivity so that kicked in which caused the game to stop otherwise I'm sure it'd be going on. Wouldn't mind if this happened on ALL the levels.

9497 9498 9499 9500

08-13-13, 04:27 PM
Oh wow! Was your last move on the level a swap between a Magic Diamond and a Line Breaker Jewel?

08-14-13, 10:04 PM
To be honest, I don't recall completely but I do remember I had a magic diamond and was thrilled because it meant I could finally beat the level. Highly possible I did have a line breaker near it but not 100% sure.