View Full Version : Level 111

08-13-13, 09:23 AM
Dear Admin.

There is not enough moves to pass unless one buys a bomb or blender to clear glass encased stones.The only way the blender fills up is by clearing at least 3 blocks which still takes around 5-6 moves. If one gets lucky and has the blender filled up twice to clear the rocks and beehive to open the lock; they are only left with about 15-18 moves which is impossible to save the 25 mouses since on average you can only save 1 mouse per move due to the twisting layout,

08-14-13, 10:43 AM

30 moves now (was 25). Need to power up blender twice to clear the rocks and open lock. Then make sure to maximize # of mouse on screen before you use color detonator, max # of mouse that will drop onto screen is 9. Once you got 9, you will need to clear the mouse before anymore drops.

08-26-13, 03:10 PM
Hi, i didn't need any blender any power ups just use your mind and be cunning with the game this is how i beat the all levels till 114 :) if you need help ask me