View Full Version : tip jar, social button, ease of buying mutiples

08-08-13, 10:50 AM
Sure teamlava will ignore this but its dumb to put details in the tables and then have them obscured by tips EVERY MINUTE! Please put in a tip jar by the cash register; number of tables would be number of tips it would hold and as it is clicked it could still dispense the collectibles. As with castle story can the social button be out in the open so can cycle quickly to neighbours! why is it so dis-jointed across the games. in pet story can quickly buy multiples of one items but in the others have to keep going to the design menu and clicking one at a time. Can you guys please streamline the good features across all games?!

10-08-13, 07:24 PM
Not only that, but what is the point of being able to tip neighbors 6 times and community members 3 times every day? Why not let us just tip the max for every person we visit?

10-08-13, 07:25 PM
I guess what I am asking is, who doesn't tip the max and why wouldn't they if there is no reason not to (aside from the time it takes to do so)?