View Full Version : Level 283 timer gets to 0:00 and just hangs there

08-06-13, 09:22 PM
1) Support ID (You can locate your Support ID from the bottom left of the Settings Menu)

2) Your device type (iPod touch Gen 3, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, etc.)
iPhone 5

3) Your device OS (iOS 4.1.2, iOS 4.3.3, etc.)
iOS 6.1.4

4) Step-by-step of what happened before the bug occurred
About half the time I play this level, the timer gets to 0:00 and the game freezes. I still see jewel glittering animations. I have noticed this is usually when a special jewel has appeared or when there is a lot of action all at once. I haven't beaten the level yet, but it's really going to be frustrating if I beat it and it doesn't continue on. I have also noticed that during one of these buggy rounds, gem matches will take extra long to explode or will not explode at all. I can move to a match of three or four and nothing happens. I have deleted the game and re-installed it and rebooted as well.

5) Screenshots, if possible
I have one ready but it doesn't really show anything except the timer at 0:00.

08-07-13, 10:25 AM
Try force closing the game along with all the apps open on your device. Double tap your home screen button and you will see a menu pop up on the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold one of the icons until they all start to shake. If you see a little red "-" tap all of them to force close the apps. Then restart your device and try the level over again. Let me know if this works.

09-03-13, 07:29 PM
I'm having this same problem. In addition, jewels of the same color are lining up, but the matches aren't clearing. I have attached screenshots.

10029 10030 10031

Jewel matches haven't cleared and the clock has gotten stuck on zero both times I've played the level. I had to force close the game both times. It's going to be near impossible to beat this level if this keeps happening.