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08-06-13, 02:17 PM
Level 337... fire moves level with crates and stone jewels


With only 4JC, it's fairly easy to make lots of special jewels, which you'll need to access the separated areas of fire. It's important to put out the exposed 2 flames so that you can work on making special jewels without being disturbed. only reason to move the stone jewels is to be able to break through the crates because you'll want to get some special jewels down in those areas, and also need to put out those flames. i've made it to the end of this region and i haven't noticed any sort of trend. bomb + blaster is great on this level and diamond + blaster is awesome too!

08-06-13, 03:38 PM
Level 338... timed glass level with lock & chain, white blocks, portals


There are 2 locks on 1 L&C area with counts of 30 on each lock. The L&C area has white blocks with glass underneath. So you have to blast away areas of the white blocks to get jewels down there. The most effective way of clearing out the white blocks is to get a bomb + blaster as close to the bottom of the non L&C area, once you've unlocked the bottom L&C. all the glass in the main area won't be too hard to get rid of since you'll probably get rid of it while you're rushing to get the bottom part unlocked with 1:50 on the clock.

08-12-13, 05:08 PM
Level 339... digging moves level with super dirt, black jewels, and white blocks


55 moves to dig down 12 meters of dirt. there's a lot of super dirt and the black jewels can get in the way of making good matches. not to mention the gaps in the board. but just takes some standard digging techniques using blasters, bombs, diamond combos :)

08-12-13, 05:13 PM
Level 340... glass moves level with black jewels and white blocks


there are only 35 moves and some obstacles with the black jewels. there are also some gaps and walls on the board to make it more challenging to break all the glass. use of special jewels: blasters, bombs, diamonds will help greatly in getting rid of glass and imposing black jewels. the corners can also be a harder to break area sometimes.

08-14-13, 04:56 PM
Level 341... digging moves level with super dirt, restricted jewels, stone jewels, and white blocks


the very bottom has white blocks next to super dirt, so be careful on how you get rid of those or else the white blocks can turn into super dirt. the stone jewels are also at the bottom, so at least they're not getting in the way early on in the level. 30 moves only! it's a short dig but lots of encumbrances!!

08-14-13, 04:59 PM
Level 342... fire moves level with doom jewels and crates


the doom jewels start with a timer of 12 and they weren't too much of a bother. There are only 4JC, so hope to make lots of special jewels. The trick is to get them in the right place to reach the unreachable areas. i always try to contain the exposed fire. Then from there focus on making blasters. This one took me a bunch of tries, but at least it wasn't stressful.

08-14-13, 05:40 PM
Wow, that island looks challenging! Love that it's mostly moves levels, though (yay!) Good times, lol! The name is so cute - Jurassic Bark. ;) Congrat's Aileeni! :)

08-15-13, 04:47 PM
Level 337 (...) i've made it to the end of this region and i haven't noticed any sort of trend. (...)
What did you mean by this comment (what "region"?) Region means so many things in this game--I'm easily confused, lol! ;) Btw, are you all caught up right now? If so, congrats! :)

09-01-13, 01:06 PM
Wow, 2 weeks & Aileeni's still not talking to me! ;) np, she's busy moderating & working & lots of other important stuff, no doubt! (Plus, my question about being "caught up" became moot when I saw all the newly added islands/regions!)

Besides, I'm just happy I made it to this cute island. Been wanting to get here cuz it's got such a cute name & all but one are moves levels. Still working on the first level--moves are tight! Got down to one flame just now--so close, but no cigar (have something to light it with, though--and that's the problem!) ;)

09-01-13, 06:49 PM
(Please excuse my corny pun above, hope it's understood that the "light" I meant was the single remaining flame... ;))

So anyway, Level 337: 14 fire in 25 moves (4JC.) No changes to this level since post #1. I tried to make lots of vertical blasters, in hopes of blasting all those little separate areas. But that never completely worked for me. With so few moves allowed, you need at least one powerful combo (and prob. more) to get all the flames extinguished. During the round I finally passed, I used a diamond + blaster, a blaster + bomb, and then a final blaster + bomb--detonated as my very last move (so lucky!) I agree w/Aileeni's advice about the stone jewels--you really don't have to worry about them. I changed them into special jewels if the opportunity presented itself (and it was something I needed.) Otherwise, I just left them alone--can't waste moves on this one at all. But overall, this level was lots of fun! :D

Level 338: 48 glass in 1:45 (4JC.) The only timed level on this island, and they decreased it by 5 seconds! I got a "challenge" energy refill (when I actually needed it, lol!) But I used 'em all up fast trying to pass this; it's very tricky. The upper part nearly takes care of itself, with just 4 colors in play & portals moving the jewels all over the place. The L&C get unlocked pretty early-on, too (at least, during my rounds.) But the ice/white blocks below are completely separated from the main board, so you have to blast into them to get regular jewels down there. And it takes awhile for them to portal in. Aileeni said:

Level 338 (...)The most effective way of clearing out the white blocks is to get a bomb + blaster as close to the bottom of the non L&C area, once you've unlocked the bottom L&C. (...)

But I haven't been lucky enough to get a blaster + bomb low on the board yet. I've only made small dents into the ice with column blasters. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole concept :confused:. Ugh, this is going to take a lot of practice, just to train my brain in how it all moves/works. Unless I get really lucky...with a couple diamond + blasters one after the other. Or I'd love a bunch of blaster + bombs, too. Ah, well...gotta keep workin' on it. I wish they'd give me those five seconds back (or even more, lol!) The more time, the less stress (and I had high hopes for this island--it seemed like it'd be frustration-free with all the moves levels! JK ;)) Back to work...

09-04-13, 01:30 AM
I got really behind on my posting. I started this on Friday (or was it Thurs...?) :eek:

Woo-hoo! I passed 338, can't believe it! I got very lucky--I actually did get 2 back-to-back diamond + blasters (just like my wish in the prev post.) As the last blaster (of 2nd combo) was detonating, I glanced at the "glass gauge" -- 46/48 glass broken. I still had 2 ice blocks down at the bottom, and the timer was about to start counting down...screen started flashing. I had a blaster down there by the ice, but no way to detonate it. I was frantically moving things around the board, trying to find a solution (and get something to detonate the darn thing!) Suddenly, the level was over and I passed! I finally realized (I guess, anyway) that those last two glass were not the ice blocks--they probably dropped after the row underneath them got blasted. The glass was prob next to a portal or somewhere else I overlooked. I actually don't know where it was, but I must have broke it with all my crazy last-second moves...but I know I never detonated that blaster! Anyway, I got really lucky with that (and I'll take it!) I ended up with two stars, but I want to play that one again sometime, (when I know what I'm doing, lol!) ;)

09-06-13, 01:23 PM
Level 337! So I'm currently stuck on this level, it's been days....can't passed it always not enough moves, I wonder if they will add more moves here :cool:

Look at here, 1 more fire with only 1 move left, how am I gonna pass this. I didn't....:(


09-06-13, 09:49 PM
At this point of the island I was super excited because the rest are all moves levels! Hurray!!! ;)

Level 339: Dig 12 meters in 60 moves (4JC.) 5 moves were added to this one. Wow, this was a fun level! With only 4 colors used, it was a special jewel extravaganza! I can't remember which exact combos I used, but during my attempts I was able to combo blasters & bombs, diamonds & blasters--lots of "powerful" digging combos. Both worked quite well on this level, esp. w/the black jewels & all the super dirt. Like any digging level, you have to get your specials jewels & combos at the right time, without wasting moves trying to "place" them. I ended up with 3 stars on this one; I think I also had a diamond + diamond swap in the final round (love this--how it just wipes all the super dirt off the screen!) :D

09-09-13, 12:45 AM
Level 340: 56 glass in 40 moves (5JC.) This was fun to play! They added 5 moves, which seemed about right (still took many tries to pass, though.) In my final round, I used a diamond + blaster to clear almost all the remaining glass. I had used a blaster + bomb near the beginning of the round...wiped out almost all of the black jewels. Which was awesome, & gave me more room to create special jewels & combos (those black jewels can really get in the way sometimes.) I tried to start each round with boards that had matches along the sides & corners (the hard-to-reach areas,) as well as moves that would create a 3-match along the ice/white blocks. That way they'd color match, and automatically clear themselves. If I didn't see a couple of these "optimal" starting moves, I'd restart the level (pause, then back arrow.) Enjoyed this! :D

09-09-13, 12:48 AM
Also on 340, I used blasters to get black jewels out of the way. The screenshot below is from a prev. round, showing a "before" example. I planned to use the light & dark blue blaster + blaster combo to get rid of some black jewels.


I forgot to save the "after" screenshot, so I decided to explain what I did (similar to my blaster + bomb combo post in the Taco Meadow (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?58035-Taco-Meadow-Levels-343-348-(Region-58)) thread--comment #'s 2 & 3--from a few days ago...) Then I thought it might be easier if I made a little chart instead. I always knew you get 2 blasts from a blaster + blaster combo, but I didn't know you could control which rows/columns were affected. The chart shows what each combination of blaster types will do--where they'll blast & in what order. There are six variations on this combo. The screenshot above is an example of the last "variation" listed in the chart below. You probably already know this info, but I only recently figured it all out. I thought I'd mention it, JIK it might help someone else.

So back to the light/dark blue blaster example. If you put your finger on the light blue row blaster, & swipe up, the blast would miss the 3 black jewels in that row. Then the dark blue column blaster would blast the one black jewel in its same column...but that's all. However, if you swipe the dark blue blaster down, you'll blast the one black jewel in that column, plus the 3 black jewels in the row. So the better choice here is to swipe down--clearing 4 is better than 1! I hope this chart is understandable. If this is new info to you, just pay attention the next time you combine some blasters. You'll understand what I meant (even if my chart is confusing, lol!) But please let me know if you have any questions... :)


09-09-13, 01:04 AM
Level 341: Dig 6 meters in 30 moves (5JC.) This one was a lot of fun, but pretty challenging. The moves are so tight. Have to use each one wisely. I got close so many times...once I had just 1 super dirt square left--erggh! I can't remember now exactly how I passed, but I know I needed lots of special jewels & combos due to the super dirt. The stone jewels weren't much of a problem, most of the time I didn't even attempt to convert them. I enjoyed this level quite a lot. Actually, this whole island was fun (so many moves levels...great fun, without the stress of a clock!)

09-09-13, 01:24 AM
Forgot to mention, there were no changes to the moves, etc. on level 341, above.

Level 342: 16 fire in 30 moves (4JC.) They added 5 moves to this (thank you! :D) I agree with what Aileeni said...the doom jewels weren't bad on this level. The layout can be a little tricky, but you can make lots of special jewels (so easily) on this level. I tried to get rid of the exposed fire right away, but didn't worry about the crates until I got some special jewels & combos going (didn't want to have to keep pushing back fire on the sides.) I eventually passed by getting two diamond + blaster combos one shortly after the other. The 1st really cleared the flames a lot, and the 2nd extinguished the rest! Whoo-hoo! ;)

I enjoyed Jurassic Bark so much...I was actually a little sorry to be moving on! (But not totally, lol! That forward momentum feels good, too!) I'm on the last level of Taco Meadow (http://forums.storm8.com/showthread.php?58035-Taco-Meadow-Levels-343-348-(Region-58)) right now (a timed level kickin' my...) Have fun!