View Full Version : Easter Hills Collection

08-05-13, 10:16 AM
I got the first collectible in Easter Hills about a week ago. It was a bumble bee. The game didn't save it, though, so the next time I opened it up, it was gone.

Today I got a different collectible - the umbrella - and the game crashed (I don't remember if it crashed the first time or not). Now I don't have that one, either.

For me, it just seems to be a problem with Easter Hills - which is unfortunate because it's my favorite room. I've done the restart app, restart device thing. I'm going to try the reinstall. I'll report further problems.

08-06-13, 09:43 AM
The first issue appears to have been a sync error between your device and the server. As for the crash, what happened right before your game crashed? What were you doing in game? Did it crash right as you collected the umbrella or a bit later? Please be more specific about what happened.

08-06-13, 12:42 PM
My bingo round ended, and I just opened the game chests. The umbrella went over to the left side of the screen in the little collection circle, and the game crashed. It happened again today, but I didn't see what the collection item was - when the little circle appeared (it shows up right before the collection piece shows up in it), the game died.