View Full Version : my suggestions for restaraunt story

08-03-13, 03:46 PM
Here's a few suggestions for rs and for bakery story
first: We more drink varieties like juice and milk. Bakery story has a variety, but needs more like milk or juice. resturant story has no drinks at all, and drinks should be put on the cookbooks so we know its avalible
two: More ways to earn gems besides buying them or earning them through goals. i feel that gems should be earn for each time you advance in a level
three: More ways to earn ovens as a resturant or bakery expends, it needs more ovens and people shouldnt have to wait for so long to earn an oven
four: Resturaut story needs a variety of foods to celebrate holidays like valentines day, st patty's day, thanksgiving, the fourth of july, and other holidays
fith: We need a way to find out what the customers like and dislike about what we serve, and also, have them give us ideas what they want us to serve. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority of our customers
please put these into your consideration thank you

08-03-13, 04:28 PM
drinks are on numerous drink machines, build them and have fun))