View Full Version : Daily Ticket Bonus + Level Rank

08-02-13, 09:06 AM
Has anyone figured out how many Daily Ticket bonuses you get according to your Level? Right now I'm level 78, and I swear I haven't received an upgrade in daily tickets for about 30 levels (not counting completing Bingo Collections). I'm at 32 a day, not counting Collection bonuses.

Is this normal game operation, or is my system glitching? What's the tier structure for number of Daily Tickets to Levels? It seems odd the incentive to build your level experience just... dies.

08-02-13, 01:53 PM
The daily ticket bonuses are handed out based on your collectibles. When you complete a collection, you get more bonus tickets each day. As far as I can tell, the only purpose to gaining levels is to open new rooms.