View Full Version : mustache cupcakes :v

08-02-13, 07:12 AM
Tonight zapping on the community members i find one player at level 7 or 8 i don't remember...and he was cooking the mustache cupcakes!
I was very excited about this new recipe but all my oven were occupied with all night long recipes...so when this morning i displayed my plates i searched for mustaches and i didn't find them
So i did a research on internet and i found that those cupcakes were available in the carnival/st. Valentine version...
Now...could anyone explain me why a player that i suppose started playing yesterday has got that recipe....and not me???? :(

08-03-13, 09:27 PM
They might not have started yesterday. Example: One of my nbrs is a 99'er in RS, but still very low in BS. He installed BS so long ago that he can still get a lot of older stuff, he just never played that game more than a few minutes because he didn't have time for two games at once. Now he's playing it again, I think he's around level 12, but he'd probably be closer to the level 99 he's reached in RS if he'd kept that one up too. All that older stuff is still in his game though, because he was around back then, but you'd never know it by just visiting him without knowing any of this. ;-)