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07-29-13, 09:00 AM
I am an android user and like other android users I would like all the features iOS has on android! But i am here to tell you some new ideas i thought of!

New ways to get gold;
I know that buying gold is what TL want us to do, but there are some people(such as myself) that will not buy gold. What if we had mini-games that we could play with our dragons? If we won the game, we could get 1-5 gold depending on the difficulty of the game. You could also win Food, XP or coins depending on how well you done. It also gives us something to do while waiting for something to happen in the main game, such as an egg to hatch or breeding.

You could have;
Dragon Races
Flying games
hunts for treasure (coins, food or even gold)

There could be different games depending on the type of dragon. (Eg. Flying games for the yellow dragons. Water games for the blue dragons ect.)
You could even unlock the games as you progress!

Send more and different gifts to your neighbours;
What do I mean exactly? Well, at the moment, we can only send gifts to 3 people, which isn't very much considering most players have many more neighbors. If you could even increase the amount of gifts we could send daily that would be great. Could we even be able to send silver coins or food by choosing how much you would like to send(food and coins) and then take it from our balance and put it into theirs. It means we could help our friends and neighbors.

Trade Dragons;
Now, I do not mean trading for gems and items for crafting, I mean trade with people. You could put your dragon for trade and get another dragon back, but the dragon you get could be a surprise. Or you could have the option to trade with your neighbors and be able to see what dragon they are trading. Only if both players accept the trade would it take place. This would mean people that aren't so lucky, can trade with their friends for dragons that they cannot get.

More Islands/ More space;
I, and many other people would like more space. This has been asked for before but i couldn't go without mentioning it. Some ideas i have seen are to just expand the land we have, add new islands or even get a "Portal" to a new set of islands. It means we can space out the dragons more and have more decorations!

Even More habitats;
This has been asked a lot to keep up with all the new dragons, which is great. But could we have even more? I personally think that three large epic dragons in one habitat can sometimes look cramped. If we could have some more habitats or even make the habitats bigger, it would look better! The only problem you would have with this is that you would run out of space, but more space is what people want anyway!

More Farms;
Yup, here it is again. More farms. six farms is definitely not enough to feed our dragons! They do need a lot of food! What more could i say? It is something Dragon Story could really do with.

Less time for the commons!
This is just really annoying. When you are trying to breed a rare dragon but all you can get are commons! Could you please make the breeding/hatching time shorter! Why do they need such long breeding and hatching times anyway! 20 hours for an island dragon is just too much!

Another Breeding Den
With some dragons having such large breeding times, don't you think we should have another breeding den? It would help us as we wouldnt have to wait as long if we are trying hard for a dragon! It means if we are stuck with a dragon with long breeding times we can try again. But two is enough. You could even charge gold if you wanted a third breeding den but i personally think that two is plenty to ask for.

Buy nests in silver coins!
This could tie in with the extra breeding den, but having to wait so long for an egg to hatch can be frustrating, especially if you have finished breeding but have no where to put the egg! Many people just can't afford to get another nest or will have to wait months to have enough gold to get it! could you be able to buy it with gold or coins? Even if the price of coins/silver was ridiculously high (1,000,000?) it gives us a chance to still be able to get another nest without having to use your precious gold!

I think that is all for now! :) As an Android user The main thing i am asking for would be the features that iOS already have. That would keep me happy.
I'm sure i will have more ideas in the future!

07-29-13, 09:52 AM
Maybe instead of just getting 100coins and Exp points for dragon we Have to discard TL should look at a different reward like 1 piece of gold for Super rare and food for rare! Or something along those lines.

07-30-13, 05:45 AM
Maybe instead of just getting 100coins and Exp points for dragon we Have to discard TL should look at a different reward like 1 piece of gold for Super rare and food for rare! Or something along those lines.

I really like that idea. We don't get enough coins or anything and its always the same. Even a diamond dragon is still only 100 coins!

Another thing I would like to mention is if there was a way to "cancel" breeding or hatching. So we don't have to wait for the egg to hatch and sell it afterwards if we do not want it.