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07-29-13, 08:17 AM
I know it's a way of advertising your other games and I have no issue with that, but is there a way we can remove the ads from our goal list? I really hate having to scroll down to get to my goals for castle story because I have 3-4 "goals" for your other games that do nothing for me in castle story. (Meaning if I get to level 10 in fruit mania, which i do play on occasion, there is no type of reward for it in Castle Story).

Not to mention you have your logo in the corner that drops down as an advertisement of your other games that are available. Again, I understand why you have this, it makes sense from a marketing stand point. I actually prefer that version of your advertising to the worthless goals cluttering up my goal list.

Thanks for your consideration!

07-31-13, 07:03 AM
You actually get rewarded for playing those games in CS. When you download a game you get rewards in gems from the baron.

kooky panda
07-31-13, 11:48 AM
The promotional goals will expire if you choose to not complete them.

Also , please note that IOS players do not get Gems for downloading other games, or playing other TL games.
Goals that do award Gems are unrelated to the Goals you mentioned