View Full Version : Balancing out produce

07-26-13, 03:11 AM
Looking through the newspaper/shops it is obvious that there is an imbalance in what is produced and what is used and this should be addressed.

For instance, eggs, milk, cocoa beans and apples are always in abundance at least 80% of both neighbours and community stores have at least two of the above for sale, including my shop as I need the space they are taking, some will have 5 x 10 lots of eggs or milk etc.

But, when it comes to items that I really need, say bass fish, there aren't any to be found. While it is good that I can always have something in my shop, it is usually the same things that are in other shops.

The upgrade items are so few and far between that I have to sell in order to make space in my barn because I don't have what I need to upgrade. I have expanded my farm but need shovels, saws etc to clear the areas and they are just not available because people hoard them as they are so scarce.

So how about making some items more readily available and more things to craft with the abundant produce such as omelettes, apple turnovers or chocolate milkshakes.