View Full Version : Disappearing Coins

07-25-13, 07:25 AM
I currently am using an HTC EVO . I have Zpp Story 2 version
This happens not everytime but most of the time. I click on my animals, then click on the coin. I see my coins being posted to the total coinage then the total drops back one, or two or as much as 12 or more. I watch as the coins total up. Even coin won added to an even amount should be even. NOT ALWAYS. The total will display an ODD number and always less than what it should be. I have seen an odd number of coins being added to an even number and it comes out an even number of coins. I have seen the total coinage total drop as much as 20 to 30. Where do they go and why? Sometimes I can make a posting to the total coinage and with-in a minute or so the total will drop.