View Full Version : Level 106 without cost?

07-22-13, 06:00 PM
Can you get past Level 106 without purchasing a bomb to blow up
one side of glass blocks to get the key to unlock the lock? I assume
once unlocked you can beat the color mode.

07-24-13, 12:44 PM
I figured it out. Beat the game at Level 108. No levels left.

07-24-13, 04:55 PM
you have to wait till they creat new levels ;) if only we can buy moves with coins or anything with coins dammit everyhing is leading you to spend real money

07-24-13, 04:57 PM
How have you beaten level 107? For me one key is missing :(

07-24-13, 05:00 PM
You have to deleate the squares is the middel by creating big areas of the same color, and use the blender on the sides with concrete blocks. For me this strategy worked.

08-28-13, 04:01 AM
Not enough moves to get blender twice. help!!!