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07-22-13, 02:29 PM
Can anyone plz tell me what u can produce in the pizza oven & juice machine. Also the price and earnings of what u can produce in these machines? Plz and thank you! :)

07-23-13, 07:26 AM
I can't remember how much they originally cost unfortunately as I got them quite awhile ago, however, I can tell you:
Pizza Oven - makes pepperoni pizza and anchovy pizza
Juicer - makes Citrus Juice (lemonade) and a Tomato Juice (red tomato/red pepper juice)
Both are needed to fulfil delivery orders, and fill train orders.
Max. Prices in the market are as follows:
Anch. Pizza - 178
Pepperoni Pizza - 168

Citrus Juice - 80 (many people have provided feedback in the feedback thread that this is way too low, given the rarity of lemons, and the max. price of tomato juice
Tomato Juice - 140

07-23-13, 04:35 PM
Thank u Very much :)

07-23-13, 07:04 PM
I can't find the app for farm story 2. I play on iOS. Does anyone know why?

07-24-13, 01:16 AM
I'm getting near to unlocking the pizza oven. Will let you know the cost once I've unlock it. :) Hopefully it's enough for the oven since I skip getting the studio. :p

@NanaCanna: If you couldn't find it in the app store, it means it's not release in your country yet. Gotten wait for the release. :)

07-24-13, 02:27 AM
If I'm not wrong... The pizza oven cost 32k and juicer cost 48k... It's a pain to save up the coins :p

07-24-13, 11:54 AM
If I'm not wrong... The pizza oven cost 32k and juicer cost 48k... It's a pain to save up the coins :p

Wow! I'm no way near that amount yet. Gotta save up much more for the oven. Though I've to agree that saving coins is such a pain. :(

07-24-13, 01:15 PM
Wait until you get to the forge - it costs $120,000 !!!
Collecting coins gets easier as you get higher in levels though, as you have more delivery slots open up so you can send more deliveries.

07-25-13, 07:55 PM
Ya I got the pizza oven , I want to save up for juicer but I have the mine now so I'm saving for the forge machine ! Love this game it's awesome!

07-26-13, 11:32 PM
Alright, just unlocked the pizza oven. It cost 34,000coins. I just went ahead and get the studio instead. =(

04-10-14, 07:56 PM
$34,000? OMG! I thought $16,000 for a third Feed Mill was a lot!