View Full Version : Replays not working

07-16-13, 11:39 PM
Hi Support Gurus,

I was attacked today (10am EST Australian time) and received a shield however the replay is unavailable and the revenge option is also unavailable.

Yes, I am on the latest and greatest version of everything (iPad os and game version) and I have rebooted.



07-25-13, 04:09 AM
These are the general rules under which you wouldn't get the option to do a revenge attack

1. You attacked them, they did a revenge attack on you, you can't revenge revenge attacks
2. You can't attack them while they're actively in their game
3. Possibly if they joined your alliance after attacking you

If you get a situation that doesn't seem to match those scenarios let us know.

With the replay just force close and restart your game and it should appear.