View Full Version : Didn't receive club cash on Kindle order

07-16-13, 04:21 PM
I ordered club cash through Amazon on my Kindle HD on Jul 12and did not receive it. I stopped and restarted the game--still no club cash! I e-mailed support that day and got the usual you'll hear from us in a few days and the ticket number. It also said I could look up the status at any time. I tried to look up the status since it has been 3 days with no club cash and no answer. I got a page error instead of status. Right now I would rate this game a negative ten. If I still don't have my club cash tomorrow, I'll have to report it to Amazon, request a refund and recommend they remove th game from their site!

07-16-13, 04:38 PM
Sorry to hear you have not received the order yet. It can take a few days to receive sometimes. If you do not receive the order, not to worry, send your receipts from the order to the customer support when they reply to your email. They have a large number of emails to get to so please be patient. :)

07-16-13, 06:51 PM
I ha this problem in Dagon Story. I bought more and the gold I bought before showed up with the gold I bought now so try that!