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12-30-10, 08:39 PM
Here are my ideas:

1. Make less items dependent on GEMS... Why should anyone pay real cash for items when they have earned in-game money? For example, I have around 1,000,000 coins but cant buy certain things because I only have 3 GEMS..
Example 2: I can't expand my perfected restaurant layout without spending actual $$.. which to me, is stupid... its just an iphone game - not like its a PS3 or PC game like WOW (world of warcraft). That being said, I should be able to use earned coins to accomplish whatever I want.. (kind of like bakery story where you can use earned money for expansion.)

In short: Everything should be accessible with earned coins (in-game money), regardless.

2. More recipes... There are thousands of dishes to be had globally.... Each exp level achieved should unlock more dishes... Whats the point of reaching level 37 when I dont actually get any advancement?

- Speaking of recipes, why not make the time frames more realistic/consistent? 2 days to make a chicken roast yet 8 hrs to make a turkey roast? At least make the times consistent...

3. Themed recipes would be cool. For example, one should be able to specialize their restaurant after they reach level 20... To elaborate: once I reach level 20, I can choose between 4 (as an example) themed recipes of which to specialize my restaurant: Italian, French, American, and oriental (Chinese/Japanese/Thai) cuisines. By specializing, I can then unlock dishes exclusive to my cuisine discipline, instead of offering the same foods everyone else offers.

- With this would come themed decor for the restaurant.
- For restaurants which decide not to become themed (by cuisine), can remain general, offering the vast assortment of dishes without being too specific to one cuisine type.

4. Allow users to attach their bakery story franchise to their restaurant story franchise. Doing this will also allow the user to use the same pot of earned money for the benefit of both franchises.
For example: If i have 1,000,000 coins earned through my restaurant franchise, but i have just opened my bakery and only start with 40,000, I should be able to tap into the 1,000,000 for the progression of the new bakery. Makes perfect sense to me since the user uses the same Storm ID anyway......

Apart from those 4 improvements, the game is pretty good.

add your ideas here, and maybe the developers will read and take note.

add: daudikisakye (im on bakery story and restaurant story)

12-30-10, 08:53 PM
How do the makers earn money in order to pay staff and keep the games going?

12-30-10, 09:38 PM
How do the makers earn money in order to pay staff and keep the games going?

Sponsors? Perhaps.. Like every other game

Not many are going to want to pay human cash just to continue enjoying an iPhone game..

Only reason the game has 3 stars in the app store is because they don't implement the things I mentioned.. Sponsors are annoying but not as annoying as having players pay extra $ just to do Wat they want within the game..