View Full Version : Ability to move dragons without having to look through dragons.

07-08-13, 08:56 PM
There are two things about moving dragons around that drive me nuts:
1. The inability to swap dragons and
2. The need to search your island for the dragons you want to move.

So I have 2 solutions:
1. When you press "move dragon," there should be an option to swap that dragon with another dragon habitat. For people who, A. Can't purchase anymore habitats or B. can't afford the specific habitat needed, there is no way to move dragons around because you have to open up a space to do so. That means that people who have maxed their habitats have to sell or trade dragons and rebreed them in order to make room for a dragon swap.
2. When you click on a habitat, just like there is an "add egg," there should also be an option to move a dragon that you already have. A screen should come up similar to the battle arena that gives you a list of the dragons you have with the correct color of the habitat OR it should give some sort of way to find those dragons more easily.

Just some thoughts.

07-08-13, 09:04 PM
well...there is one option for your problem...stable, cost You 50 gold, but You can put a dragon in it. Can be upgraded too...100 gold for the 2nd dragon, 200 gold for the 3rd, i'm not sure if there's more, because i just upgrade mine twice.