View Full Version : Please Please Please more recipes on new appliances!

07-08-13, 12:51 PM
Please.... Add more than 3 recipes to the new appliances. Or please add more recipes to existing appliances other than unlocking goal recipes. :)

07-12-13, 04:55 AM
Dear god, YES! I bought the smoker and the outdoor grill without checking them first and was so disappointed and annoyed to see only one recipe in each. I think the three recipies you get with a lot of cookers should really be considered a bare minimum, and most should have five or more. Frankly, I wouldn't even mind a repeat or two (why that whole pig roast is on the regular grill when the smoker is double-sized I will never figure out) because at least I wouldn't have to switch out as frequently.

07-18-13, 04:46 PM

07-19-13, 06:58 AM
I wish I could vote up this thread!

07-19-13, 08:44 AM
Yes!! If not more recipes then at least make the appliances give really good profits on the three recipes.

07-02-16, 06:42 AM
I totally agree! Was shocked when found out that special charcoal grill only cooks ONE item, for 2 hours. Can't do overnight food. And the ice cream maker only creates 3 types of ice cream, with the longest being 4 hours; it spoils overnight.