View Full Version : Daily Bonus?

07-06-13, 05:42 AM
I rarely receive a daily bonus on my Iphone 4s. It's been at least two weeks now since I've received it and I open my game app every day. What's up with that?

07-06-13, 10:45 AM
Please try force closing your application when you are done playing. When you open the game up the next day, the Daily Bonus should be there.

08-28-13, 06:35 PM
My game is no longer able to collect the bonus dollars. Every time I click the Collect Max Bonus icon at bottom left, it appears to add the dollars to my account, but a few seconds later subtracts the bonus and the Collect Max Bonus message returns. I even reinstalled the app but still not able to collect.

This just started a few days ago and very frustrated with the game.

11-04-13, 03:05 PM
Have force closed the app (playing on two different ipads), shut down ipads, alternately, repeatedly, for two days. No bonus on one yesterday, none on either one today. Opening them every four hours for the lousy hundred, but can't play more than a couple minutes before I'm bankrupt again. Nothing like a game that you can't play at all.

11-23-13, 08:56 AM
same thing is happening to me. :-(

11-23-13, 08:57 AM
Me too

12-19-13, 07:10 PM
Me too
It's happening to me as we'll. I am no longer gaining experience either. The flash appears in the experience bar but it hasn't moved in days.
This game is getting pretty buggy. Numerous times as the wheels are almost done spinning I get the"oops" screen saying the slot machine has stopped working. I can't even imagine how many coins I have lost due to this. It's very frustrating. I'm using iphone 5 with iOS 7.0.4

12-07-14, 02:18 PM
It's happening to me as well