View Full Version : [Level 248] Game freezes when I beat the level

07-03-13, 03:38 AM

I've beaten level 248 three times by now, every time I've beaten it the game freezes. I won't get the "Level completed"-text, it's stuck viewing the cleared level. There are still some animations going on so it's as if the victory isn't fully triggered or whatever.

I can complete other levels just fine, and terminating the game and restarting it seems to have no effect.

This is on Jewel Mania v.1.1.7. I use an iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.4.

07-03-13, 10:25 AM
What animations are you viewing? When the game freezes, does it eventually force close on you? If this happens again, can you please take a screen shot when the game freezes? Thanks!

07-03-13, 03:54 PM
Same thing for me have emailed support few days ago still no reply

07-04-13, 01:44 AM
What animations are you viewing? When the game freezes, does it eventually force close on you? If this happens again, can you please take a screen shot when the game freezes? Thanks!

I'll have a go at the level again later, but it's basically just stuck after I clear the last area of fire, when you would expect the text "Level completed" to appear. The animations I see are the gems' glimmer, no more no less. The GUI doesn't respond and I'm forced to terminate the process to get out of the level, it doesn't seem to self-close since I left it running for an hour-or-so without anything changing.

07-04-13, 05:28 PM
I just beat level 184 and it freezes and not only do I not get credit for the win but it also takes away a credit.
Before this, there have been many times recently that it will cut out during a game and take the credit.
It's getting very frustrating.
One time I had beat a level and was supposed to be rewarded with a refill and gold, it cut out and I never received my awards.

07-04-13, 05:33 PM
There's not enough time, it just pauses and then it cuts out and sends you back to your main iPad screen where you have the game apps. At first, I thought maybe it was Internet issues with my wireless router, but it has happened many times when I have a full signal and none of my other team lava app games do this.
Also, it happens sometimes before I can even start play. I don't mind that as much because I don't lose anything, but I have lost many credits and three or for times it has happened after completing a very difficult level (like 184)


08-07-13, 06:06 PM
This just happened to me! Before I beat the level, there was one jewel that was stuck (the one I needed to extinguish one of the few remaining a flames) and I couldn't move it at all. I made a different move and kept playing. I made a bomb/blaster combo to wipe out the remaining fire with two moves left. Then the game just froze. It didn't count down my remaining moves, and I was unable to move any of the jewels with my remaining moves. Jewels kept sparkling and the music kept playing, but I couldn't do anything. I ended up having to force the game closed. Of course when I reopened the game, there was no record of me beating the level and all of my energy was gone. I'm annoyed.

Here is a screenshot...


08-07-13, 07:31 PM
And it just happened to me again. I extinguished all of the fire with eight or nine moves left. This time it counted down my extra moves to zero, and then it just froze again without saying Level Complete. Please fix this! I've beat the level twice now and still can't go on to the next level! Is there any way to be compensated for the energy lost due to all the recent bugs!?

New screenshot...


08-11-13, 02:18 AM
Same thing happened to me on the same level after I beat it with 8 or 9 moves left. Had to force quit the game and wait until it reloaded itself. The jewels would sparkle but there was no movement -- and there were four matching jewels in a row that just sat, so it was clearly a glitch. When I tried the level again, it was fine for a couple tries and then it froze up again when I had no moves left, even though I hadn't beaten the level that time. I'm playing on an iPad and the software is all up-to-date. I ended up uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

I agree we should get some compensation (perhaps 20 gold to refill the energy?) if we beat the level but then have to spend more energy trying to beat it again through no fault of our own. I've played it seven times since I initially beat it, which is seven times I could have been playing the next level.