View Full Version : customers ordering food

12-30-10, 08:02 AM
just curious... when customers order food, is it in a fixed order (such as a food queue or something), random, or are some food more popular than the others?

btw, a suggestion, it'd be more fun if we attain a higher ranking in food cooking, the food would take less time to finish and cost more.

12-31-10, 06:55 AM
I must admit, I had a " :O " face when I mastered loads of dishes and got nothing (c'mon, even FS gave me gnomes!! and extra % on selling that crop!!!)

Complete sad face. We should at least get a % of time spent to bake dish, or % on price of food. There's no way to brag about how many dishes I have mastered unlike FS where I have a gnome army.