View Full Version : Will be deleting this stupid game immediately!

07-01-13, 02:01 PM
I have been stuck on level 51 for far too long now. Haven't even gotten close to winning it. It seems clear to me that the only way to master this level to to use multiple boosts. I only have 4 gems to use, and I've already gotten my free 40 gems from logging onto Facebook, so I don't see any way to earn more without paying for them. I have over 46,000 coins with absolutely nothing to spend them on. I refuse to spend money to play a FREE game, so it seems that I have no choice but to delete this pointless game. It's no fun to keep playing a level I have no chance of winning. Seems it's designed that way so you'll be able to soak us for our money. Shame on you for being tricky. I would be more apt to buy a game that only costs between $2 and $4 that allows me unlimited play and allows me to earn the unit needed to buy boosts without money. Thank you.

07-10-13, 06:14 PM
I agree 1 million %!!!!! I've been stuck on lvl 42 with no help or suggestions, can't afford the boosts as only have few gems but have plenty of coins. I've been on this one a month and have backed away from this game more & more. I hate to quit but AM NOT addicted to and will delete as I play it maybe once a week now and soon will be down to none. I am really tired of this level and see no way to get past it!'

kooky panda
07-11-13, 05:20 AM
Oh I am sorry to hear you will be leaving the game! The nice thing is that your game is saved on the Team Lavas servers, so if you change your mind, your game will be waiting for you!:)