View Full Version : Newspaper Items NOT being delivered AFTER purchasing. Barn/Silo NOT FULL.

07-01-13, 01:25 PM
My Device: iPod Touch Version 6.1.3
Game Version: Farm Story 2 1.1
Problem: When using the Newspaper to buy items other people have up for trade, I am purchase the items I want, and my money leaves my bar, but the items do NOT go into my barn and or my silo. Only sometimes they appear in my barn/silo. But my money is ALWAYS being deducted from my current balance. I am getting VERY frustrated by this because it takes me forever to gain this money and it keeps disappearing on me and I DON'T get the items I am paying for. I have also upgraded my storage of both and it is NO WHERE NEAR FULL, so that is NOT the reason why this is happening. There is more then enough room for the items to be put where there suppose to go after they have been paid for.

07-01-13, 02:18 PM
Have you tried force closing and restarting to see if the items appear? I know that this can work in the other games