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06-28-13, 09:18 PM
The lemon tree collection time is 20+ hours, yet the lemon/orange juice only sells for about 70 coins. The tomato/capsicum juice sells for twice that, yet the goods take less time to collect.

Either the sell price of the lemon juice needs to be increased or the yield time on the lemon tree needs to be reduced. It just doesn't make sense the way it is now.

Other than that, I think FS2 is making great progress and is your best game by far. I'm addicted 😄

06-29-13, 05:54 PM
The revenues for the Studio are out of whack too. There is no real profit in making the Scarf or Linen Flower.

Assuming you sell at max, Wool easily sells for 42, Scarf 87, Linen Flower 84 and Hat 129.

So the Scarf makes 3 coins for 1hr work, the Hat makes 3 coins for 3 hrs work and the Linen Flower makes about the same once you factor in the flax. So it really isnt worth my time to have the studio running. I'd rather just buy and sell these at max when needed, then sell my wool i make from Sheep to make a profit of 168 every 6 hours.

Regarding lemon, i've never seen anyone sell it yet, and i'd buy it in an instant if i did. My train is crippled by Lemon needs which i think might be mathematically impossible to send full. I needed 8 Lemons and 12 Lemon Juice in the 36 hr period. So if i collect from my trees twice i will get 20 lemons, but i needed 32 lemons in this time for the train. Looks like i'm out of luck with this train.

07-01-13, 10:16 AM

Thank you for the observation on this. I don't believe this is a bug, but I will forward the information onward. :)

07-04-13, 04:53 PM
And here I was busting my back trying to level up to get to 24. I made it to the train at level 22 but was annoyed when I saw I couldn't expand to the train. To make money for the juicer, that I know will be uber expensive I sold all of my expansion maps.

I'm still trying to make enough money because the juicer and lemon trees are sure to be a grip.

07-09-13, 08:10 PM
Just a couple of observations regarding lemon products:

The lemon pie sell price is too low compared to the apple pie - only 6 coins difference. The apple pie takes 1 hr to make and the lemon pie takes 2 hrs. Factor in the fact that lemons take much longer to collect than the apples and it simply isn't worth making the lemon pie.

Also the sell price of the lemon juice is not in ratio to the rarity of the lemons (and it also requires oranges). The tomato juice sells for almost twice the price of the lemon juice.

Perhaps the collection time on the lemon trees can be reduced or the price of the lemon products increased to reflect their rarity?

07-10-13, 07:39 AM
I wholeheartedly agree! It is just really out of whack with the rarity of lemons, and a 20 hour collection period. The only other thing I could add to it would be to allow more than 5 lemon trees, so one can at least collect more lemons than apple trees.

11-13-13, 07:34 AM
Don't feel bad. On day one I had to load 10 lemon tarts, 12 lemon juices and 12 lemons along with 10 pieces of gold, 10 rings, 10 fried catfish, 10 catfish, and I think a bunch of belts and coal too boot. I only remember one easy item.

Then on the next two train deliveries I got soaked for lemons juices and lemons again along with items I have no prayer of finding such as apple butter since I don't have the jellymaker yet.

Fortunately I was able to get a few 5 gem trains out of those. I think I got the first one done with less than 3 minutes before it left! :)

11-13-13, 09:59 AM
Yeah I've only had the train about a week now and worked on two deliveries...but so far there seems to be a common theme and that is there will be at least half the items that you need to make that involve the exact same ingredients or product or you have to make all of them on the same machine and it makes it really nearly impossible to fulfill them. I like the challenge but yeah the lemon thing is not great. I would have finished the train fully loaded if I hadn't needed all of my lemons to make the tarts. And nope I have seen them for sale once and I snapped them right up but they are clearly too precious lol for anyone to sell just like shovels and land deeds...

11-14-13, 09:00 AM
agree with all of you, there are some issues with the prices of certain items! thats why i never sell my lemon tarts, juice or lemon fish and candles. its just not worth it. i did it few times and then immediately got deliveries asking for them. but people do sell lemons sometimes, i am sure i've bought around 50 already from the news. dont even have time to look at the price when i see them :D

11-14-13, 11:03 AM
I totally agree with you. What were they thinking on those lemon trees? If they require so many needs for them at least let me buy more trees. I know the last train required three lemon items, so I skipped those three and took what I could get from the delivery.